Be Aware of the Vampires


Salem’s Lot tells how an small town in America is slowly infested by vampires. Just a group of few people – Ben Mears, the protagonist, between them – know the truth and must fight to save the town.

The books is a retelling of “Dracula”, whose structure follows closely. On the other hand, King mixes ghotic style with elements of small town literature, detailing the lives of Salem’s Lot, especially its secrets.

I confess I was disappointed with the ending. The book creates the tension gradualy, so that we expect a knock-out in the end and that doesn’t happen.

I thought characters a little simplist, but, contrary to others, I don’t think King is good at creating characters. They always remember me cartoon characters. By the way, the best in the books are the vampires, just because they don’t have nuances – they are just pure evil.

I enjoyed the plot and the style. No description at the book is just a description: there is always a point of view, explicit or don’t, about what’s being showed. Dialogs are great, especially those by head of the vampires.

I recommend.


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